Past Event: “The Limits to Growth Then and Now: A new evaluation and possible solutions”

Open to all UN Pass-Holders
April 16, 2013, 15:00-18:00
UNHQ NLB-Conference Room 6

For over 20 years the international community has struggled to develop the right institutions and policies to implement sustainable development, but the established institutions and policies are weak. The actions enabled by them have tended to emphasize environmental degradation over underlining causes – including weak state and corporate fiscal, tax, budget, trade, energy, agriculture and other polices – and in the values underlining those, which support the Washington Consensus, a neoliberal economic paradigm and an outmoded vision of globalization, which is insensitive to planetary boundaries.

This event featured Club of Rome experts, Ian Dunlop, whose 30 years in oil and coal exploration as an engineer and senior executive at Royal Dutch Shell, had convinced him that we cannot continue our present model of global economic growth with the use of fossil fuels, even with the most optimistic technology scenarios, if we want to avoid a global climate emergency, and Tapio Kanninen, whose new book, Crisis of Global Sustainability, evaluates the Club’s history and impact. The Club of Rome experts, who were joined by stakeholders from the UN system, including Tomas Anker Christensen, from the UN Office for Partnerships, contended that the diplomats, politicians and whole intergovernmental system had not yet understood the severity of the crisis.  They therefore seriously questioned the current paradigm of international negotiations on climate change and sustainable development.



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