Past Event – Retreat for Permanent Representatives on Rio+20

September 30-October 1,  2011

This FES-sponsored retreat set up an informal space and time for Permanent Representatives and experts from a number of UN missions to discuss issues related to upcoming preparations for the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20).

Supplementary documents from Retreat:
Conference Report “Reflections on the State of Agreement on Key Issues of Rio+20”
Opening Statement
by Mr. Werner Puschra (FES)
Opening Statement by Mr. Sha Zukang (UNCSD)
Opening Statement by H.E. Mr. Kim Sook (UNCSD Bureau)
Keynote Presentation | Powerpoint by Mr. Soogil Young (Rep. of Korea Presidential Committee on Green Growth)
Keynote Presentation by Mr. Michael Dorsey (Dartmouth College)

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