Past Publications on “Inter-linkages between High Level Political Forum and ECOSOC Reform”

ECOSOC-Pres and 4 Co-facilitatorsOn 8 May FES New York organized an informal roundtable in which Ambassadors could engage in informal and candid dialogue to enhance political understanding of the ECOSOC reform and High Level Political Forum processes and their impact on the development agenda of the UN.  Discussions concentrated on 1) inter-linkages between the two processes; 2) mechanisms to review national implementation, 3) the role of IMF and World Bank in a reformed institutional framework for sustainable development, and 4) mechanisms for participation of Major Groups and other non-state actors in sustainable development. The meeting was hosted by the German Mission, co-sponsored by the Missions of Mexico and Denmark and Stakeholder Forum, supported by UN-DESA, and organized in consultation with the co-facilitators of the two processes. More than 75 Ambassadors, members of delegations, representatives of the UN , IMF and World Bank Secretariats and institutional organizers attended the round table. The meeting was held under Chatham House Rule.

Summary of Discussions from 8 May Meeting

“The UN and the BWIs: How to promote policy coherence and coordination for sustainable development, a “think piece” backgrounder produced by FES New York for the 8 May Meeting

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