Publication: “Toward A Global Shared Societies Agenda”

Eds. Werner Puschra, Sara Burke, Clem McCartney, Aldo Caliari, Carla Fernández-Durán; Contributions from working group of experts from the Asian Development Bank, G20 Mexican Presidency, International Labour Organization, International Monetary Fund (IMF), International Trade Union Confederation, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, UN Children’s Fund, UN-Department of Economic and Social Affairs, UN Development Programme, UN Regional Commissions (ECLAC and ESCWA),
UN Women and World Bank.
Joint publication: FES-NY Office, Club de Madrid, Center of Concern, June 2012

This  global  agenda outlines requirements for a  new  model of growth and social justice, aimed at promoting long-term inclusive and sustainable growth.  With recommendations at  the  national level on public expenditure policy, taxation, monetary policy, social protection, education,  health, labor market institutions, gender mainstreaming, economic decision-making, transparency, accountability, and voice and participation, and with  global and regional  recommendations on reforming the international monetary system, sovereign debt restructuring, international tax cooperation, and financial and macroeconomic regulation and supervision, the  Global Shared Societies Agenda  forms a practical  action program for  both  national governments and global institutions to embark on a path to create Shared Societies and to develop the necessary indicators to measure and assess progress towards them.

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