Past Event: “Why the Bank and Fund Have Provided Too Little Debt Relief Too Late, and What Can Be Done About It”

Saturday, October 12, 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

World Bank, Room I 2 – 250

In a remarkable stock taking effort, the IMF has stated that in its management of sovereign debt crises it has often provided insufficient debt relief. There are numerous reasons for this, some technical, some more political in nature. What exactly have been the reasons for these International Financial Institutions’ poor performance?  And what can be done to improve sovereign debt workout processes in the future? Experts shed light on the history of debt workout procedures and made suggestions for improvements.


Matthew Martin, Director, Debt Relief International–“Debt Relief Beyond HIPC: What is needed in terms of debt relief?”

Gail Hurley, Policy Specialist, United Nations Development Programme–“The New Debt Crisis in the Small Island Developing States: The need for bold action”

Timothy Antoine, Permanent Secretary, Grenada Ministry of Finance (TBC)–“The Reform Debate and the Case of Grenada”

Adrian Cosentino, Secretary of Finance, Argentina Ministry of the Economy (TBC)–“How the Argentina/NML-Capital Case Challenges Existing Debt Workout Mechanisms”

Anna Gelpern, Professor of Law, Georgetown University

“Where the IMF’s Honest Analysis of the Greek Case Should Lead to Honest Consequences”

(Event is open to those with accreditation to the Bank and Fund Annual General Meetings)

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Download FES Publication “Resolving Sovereign Debt Crises” 2nd edition, by Jürgen Kaiser

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