Past Event: “Reclaiming policy space for the public: presenting Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2017”

Thursday October 12, 2017 – 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
World Bank Group I Building (1850 I St NW, Washington, DC ) – Room to be announced
All who are accredited to attend the IMF/WBG CSO Forum are invited

Discussion at BWIs’ CSO Forum launch of “Spotlight Report”

The Center for Economic and Social Rights, Arab NGO Network for Development, FES New York; Society for International Development, and Public Services International organized a session in the CSO Forum of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group to present findings and recommendations from the global civil society report ‘Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2017’ published by six international NGOs and networks. The Spotlight Report provides the most comprehensive independent assessment of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), based on experiences of national and regional groups around the world. From a cross-regional perspective, speakers examined the impacts of privatization, PPPs and corporate capture on 2030 Agenda implementation, and explored the IFIs’ role in policy coherence and tackling inequalities.

Spotlight Report

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