Past Event: “Power of Protest: Linking politics and protest from the local to the global”

2015/03/26_Power of Protest_Picture_Shaikh AbouHussein at WSFWorld Social Forum, Tunisia
Faculté de droits
salle de lecture Nº 1
11:30 – 14:00 March 26, 2015

Calls for real democracy are the greatest singular demand of protests around the world. Calls for economic justice—like good jobs, better labor conditions, progressive taxing and spending on social services, tackling inequality, and affordable food, water, housing, healthcare and education—represent a cluster of the most widely held grievances worldwide. As more people around the world express their grievances and aspirations in the streets, activists motivated by local struggles are scaling up local issues for global debates. This “fishbowl” dialog facilitated by Nermeen Shaikh, Producer and Weekly Co-Host of Democracy Now!, brought together activists from around the world to talk about how to better link struggles for social justice and what role the media can play.

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