Past Event: “Overcoming Barriers: Civil Society Perspectives on Implementing RtoP”

Thursday, September 8, 2016
The Church Center for the United Nations

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From left to right: Bridget Moix (US Senior Representative, Peace Direct), Evan Cinq-Mars (United Nations Advocate and Policy Adviser for the Center for Civilians in Conflict)

Following up on the UN General Assembly’s informal, interactive dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP), FES New York, the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP), and the Stanley Foundation held an event entitled “Overcoming Barriers: Civil Society Perspectives on Implementing RtoP”.

The event included prominent panelists such as Gus Miclat, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Initiatives for International Dialogue and founding Steering Committee member of the ICRtoP; Dismas Nkunda, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Atrocities Watch – Africa; and Evan Cinq-Mars, the UN Advocate and Policy Advisor for the Center for Civilians in Conflict. Esteemed peacebuilding activist, Bridget Moix, US Senior Representative for Peace Direct, moderated the event. The panelists focused on how the implementation of RtoP is translated into action at the grassroots level and on exhibiting the vital ways in which local communities and civil society members work together to protect populations from atrocities.


SG Report: “Mobilizing collective action: the next decade of the responsibility to protect”

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