Past Event: “Intensifying and Expanding International Tax Cooperation to Achieve Sustainable Development”

April 21 2016, 3:00pm – 6:00pm
New York, UNHQ, Conference Room F


from left: Luise Rürup (Executive Director, FES New York Office), Manuel F. Montes (Senior Advisor on Finance and Development, South Centre)

On April 21, 2016, the President of the General Assembly (PGA) was convening a High-Level Thematic Debate (HLTD) on “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.” As the event aimed to contribute towards establishing much-needed coherence between the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, the Agenda 2030, and the Paris Climate Change Agreement, domestic resource mobilization and taxation, among others, have emerged as vital policy areas that, if sustainable development is to be achieved, require a high-degree of and commitment to international cooperation.

In this context, and in support of the HLTD, the South Centre, UNCTAD, and FES New York were convening a two-part Dialogue Room entitled “Intensifying and Expanding International Tax Cooperation to Achieve Sustainable Development.” Part I, featuring initial presentations by international tax experts, was followed by a moderated roundtable for invited discussants. There was also some open seats for those with UN passes to participate in the roundtable.

The intended outcome of the event is a wider and better informed constituency among delegations in New York, especially those from the developing countries, and civil society support for new institutional arrangements to promote the higher level of international tax cooperation needed for countries to undertake Agenda 2030 and their commitments under the Paris Agreement.


Concept Note

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