Past Event: “Transparency in International Arms Transfers: Has the Arms Trade Treaty Killed off the UN Register of Conventional Arms?”

Monday, October 28, 2013
1:15-3:00 pm
German House, 871 UN Plaza

Dr. Paul Holtom (SIPRI)

One of the stated purposes of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is to promote cooperation, transparency and responsible action in the international trade in conventional arms. At the same time, the already existing mechanism for transparency in international transfers of conventional arms, the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms (the Register) has reached a low point: Submission by UN Member States dropped to its lowest ever level in 2012. Some of the group’s participant were presenting their views on the future of the Register and the impact of the adaption of the ATT during this event, which was of particular interest for international organizations, the diplomatic community and civil society organizations.

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