Past Event: “The Changing Middle East: Implications for Regional and Global Politics”

11 July 2012, New York

The recent turmoil in the Middle East has added an unsettled new dynamic to the long-standing policy challenges in the region. Against the backdrop of perennial concerns about Iran’s nuclear ambitions and capabilities and the Middle East peace process, key regional and international actors are grappling with how to address these new instabilities while assuring regional allies and domestic constituencies that the new dynamic does not need to lead to a further, and possibly irreparable, escalation of tension. To help clarify the key issues and explore policy options in the region, FES New York and the EastWest Institute hosted this workshop with experts from and on the region. Among the panelists were Rolf Mützenich, Member of the German Parliament (Bundestag), H.E. Mr. Seyed Houssein Mousavian, Research Scholar at the the Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University and H.E. Mr. Abdullah Alsaidi, Senior Fellow at the International Peace Institute (see picture).

Program and Bios

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