Past Event – “Strengthening the UN Sanctions Tool”

Tuesday, 17 May 2011,
New York, UNHQ—Delegates Dining Room

Against the backdrop of the most recent experiences with sanction regimes in the conflicts in Côte d’Ivoire and Libya and to examine possible enhancements to the implementation and effectiveness of UN sanctions, FES New York Office convened a roundtable discussion with a unique panel of experts:

H.E. Thomas Mayr-Harting, Permanent Representative of Austria to the UN; (picture, middle)

Loraine Rickard-Martin, Partner, Compliance and Capacity, International (CCI); (picture, right)

Rico Carisch, Partner, CCI;

Sue Eckert, Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Export Administration and Senior Fellow, Watson Institute, Brown University

Several sanctions implementations scenarios were analyzed in terms of their successes and setbacks, thereby aiming for a better understanding of conditions under which Security Council sanctions regimes work best.

Background Paper

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