Past Workshop and Report: “Assessing How Global Financial Institutions Impact Inequality”

Report launched 25 October 2016 | Workshop 3-4 June 2016
New York, N.Y.

We are pleased to share with you a new conference report from the June 2016 workshop organized by FES and New Rules to strengthen how we understand, assess and report on inequality and the role that the global financial makers in the IMF, World Bank, OECD, United Nations, G20, and Financial Stability Board can have on it. For this event, FES convened an academic- and policy-experts’ Reflection Group on Inequality to advise on how best to strengthen understanding and reporting on inequality.  Far from merely recommending how to refine the use of best measures, literature and data, participants in the Reflection Group on Inequality focused on the ongoing need to engage more deeply with fundamental questions like, “What do we mean by inequality? Why do we care about it? What can we know about it?” They identified two main roadblocks: a lack of sufficient data to accurately assess inequality, especially international inequality, and political capture of international organizations by the richest and most powerful countries and of national governments by the richest and most powerful private actors.

The report summarizes the debate between leading academics, economic and financial policy experts, and representatives from global financial institutions and recommends a two-pronged way forward to assess the role of the institutions in combating or exacerbating inequalities.



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