Past Event – A Call to Global Leadership for Sustainable Development

November 10, 2011 – UNHQ

Dame Jennifer Shipley, Prime Minister of New Zealand 1997-1999

Following our recent retreat for Permanent Representatives for Rio+20, FES registered a concern expressed by many Member States that achieving success in Rio will require global leadership to pursue sustainable development.  This event allowed former Heads of State Jennifer Shipley (New Zealand), Wim Kok (the Netherlands), Ricardo Lagos (Chile) and Luisa Diogo (Mozambique) to hold a frank and open dialogue with the international community and key stakeholders, opening a discussion on what sort of road map to a green economy allows sufficient flexibility for countries to apply their own options while maintaining the overview necessary to safeguard the resources of the planet.


Background Publication
“Reflections on the State of Agreement on Key Issues of Rio+20”

Luisa Diogo
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