Past Event: “World Protests 2006-2013: A crisis of jobs, dignity and real democracy”

December 11-12, 2013
Columbia University and United Nations Headquarters

Ms. Nermeen Shaikh (Democracy Now!) and Mr. José Antonio Ocampo  (Initiative for Policy Dialogue)

FES New York, Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) and UN-Non Governmental Liaison Service convened a 2-day conference with protest organizers from around the world to discuss the new FES/IPD working paper, “World Protests 2006-2013” and its findings that 1) numbers of protests are rising worldwide and 2) protests demanding “real democracy” and economic justice are coming from every kind of political system. Conference highlights included an activists’ roundtable discussion on day 1 led by Nermeen Shaikh, producer for alternative news show Democracy Now! and a face-to-face encounter between activists and UN Member State delegates on day 2.

Download full text “World Protests 2006-2013”
Download “World Protests 2006-2013–Executive Summary”
Download “World-Protests-2006-2013-Executive-Summary-French”
Download “World-Protests-2006-2013-Executive-Summary-German”
Download “World-Protests-2006-2013-Executive-Summary-Spanish”
Download “World-Protests-2006-2013-Executive-Summary-Russian”

FES and IPD invite distribution through websites and blogs; the executive summary and paper may be distributed without alteration with an attribution statement about the authors and their institutions and a clickable link to the original.

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