Past event: “Natural Resource Governance in Africa – Context and Call for Action”

Tuesday – Wednesday, November 18-19 | 11am – 4pm
Church Center for the UN, New York


The Ambassador of Benin, H.E. Jean-Francis Zinsou (right) delivering the Keynote Address

On November 18 and 19 the FES Office New York hosted a two-day conference to address how Africa’s wealth of natural resources can be used for the continent’s sustainable development. Participants from African NGO’s, intergovernmental organizations, academics and UN diplomats highlighted the implications for security, development, human and labor rights, and the environment. Special attention was given to actionable policy recommendations, for instance regarding how to include natural resource governance strategies for Africa in the ongoing negotiations about a sustainable development agenda in 2015.

Conference Program
Keynote Speech of Ambassassador Zinsou

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