Past Event: Lunch Seminar/Conference: UNSC 2020 & 2050

June 15, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Church Center of the United Nations, New York

UNSC 2020 2050

William R. Pace, Executive Director WFM-IPG and Nicole Fritz, Institute for Security Studies (ISS) South Africa

While efforts to reform the UN Security Council are as old as the UN itself, today’s political challenges seem particularly insurmountable to change this most powerful UN body to be prepared for future tasks. On June 15, FES New York co-hosted a conference with UN diplomats and international experts to discuss the options and obstacles for reform within different time frames. The first segment discussed the possibilities of reforming the working methods of the Security Council by 2020. The second segment was dedicated to different long-term visions for an extended, restructured Security Council in 2050.



Summary of UNSC reform proposals

Timeline of Review Processes and Outcomes

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