Publication: “Fixing Finance is Not Enough: The social consequences of monetary and financial policies”

Eds. Werner Puschra and Sara Burke; Contributions by Alfred Gusenbauer, Alejandro Toledo, Emmanuel Moulin, Raymond Torres, Michael Kumhof, Rogério Studart, Pablo Pereira ,Jonathan Coppel, Rishi Goyal, Y. Venugopal Reddy, José Antonio Ocampo, Ulrich Volz, Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Isabel Ortiz, and Sigrid A. M. Kaag
FES International Policy Analysis, April 2012

Commissioned in the aftermath of  international  social  unrest including the Arab Spring, anti-austerity protest in Europe and Occupy Wall Street, the  collected essays—from  heads of governments and central banks, governmental advisors and experts from the  United Nations, the Bretton Woods Institutions, OECD, International Labour Organization and academia—helped raise the level of debate on the role of rising income, wealth and group inequalities and the need to shape policies for a sustainable international monetary and financial system to foster cohesive and
shared societies.


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