Publication: “Egypt’s Regional Security Policy after the January 25 Revolution”

Abdul-Monem Al-Mashat
FES Perspective
, July 2012

After the end of President Mubarak’s regime Egypt is facing different regional and internal challenges. This publication analyzes the potential threats emanating from the Egyptian geo-strategic location, its neighboring countries, in particular Israel, Turkey and Iran as well as Egypt’s domestic socioeconomic and political dynamics, caused by the transition from authoritarianism to democracy. Based on this analysis, the author envisions three major possible scenarios for the region’s near future: a cooperative and peaceful Middle East; a disintegrative and conflictive region; an explosive and intolerable status quo. He emphasizes that negotiations, characterized by compromises and mutual respect, with all regional players are of great importance in order to maintain peace and stability in this region. For Egypt as a central regional power, such an outcome would be in the country’s interest, too.


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