Publication – New Directions for International Financial & Monetary Policy: Reducing Inequality for Shared Societies

Eds. Werner Puschra and Sara Burke; Contributions by José Antonio Ocampo, P.J. Patterson, John Williamson, Emmanuel Moulin, Rishi Goyal, Ambassador Jorge Argüello, Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Yi Gang, Jack Boorman, Jan Kregel, Antonio de Lecea, Pablo Pereira, Kim Campbell, Samir Radwan, Ebrahim Rasool, Peter Bakvis, and  Isabel Ortiz
International Policy Analysis, 2011
ISBN 978-3-86872-878-1

In the context of a new era of debates on macroeconomic, financial and monetary policy reform, the  collected essays—from former  heads of governments,  ambassadors,  central bankers,  trade unionists,  governmental advisors  and  experts from  the United Nations System—challenge prevailing thought on the relevance of social policy, social outcomes and social indicators to those debates.


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