Visiting Fellowships at FES New York

The Visiting Fellowship Program at FES New York is a capacity building measure for professionals working in an institution in the South and who have an established record in international affairs, development, economic or security policy. The Visiting Fellowship Program aims at a win-win situation for the fellows, their institutions and FES. During their month-long stay in New York, fellows have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the UN’s capacities to deal with policy issues that are relevant to the fellow’s work at their home institution.

Visiting Fellows in 2013

Simon Asoba (FESNY Fellow in March and April 2013) works for the FES Regional Project on Security Policy-West Africa in Abuja, Nigeria. During this fellowship he analyzed the relationship between legitimacy, governance and instability in West Africa, with a special focus on the role of the United Nations and its approaches in this regard.

Visiting Fellows in 2012

Lily Thapa (FESNY Fellow in March 2012) is a founder of Women for Human Rights (WHR). This Non-Governmental-Organization, established in 1994, is the only organization in Nepal working for the social and political rights of widows. WHR is dedicated to create an active network of widows across the nation, regional and international level. Her fellowship coincided with the 56th session of Commission on Status on Women (CSW), where she was able to address the issue of widowhood using different human rights instruments or declarations.

Yi Kiho (FESNY Fellow in January/February 2012) is Assistant Professor at Hanshin University, South Korea, and Director of Center for Peace and Public Integrity. His work focuses on Social Movement and Civil Society and Peace Studies and Korean Politics. During his stay in New York, he conducted research on how the United Nations can aid civil society in working towards the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and building a new regime for peace and cooperation in Northeast Asia.

Visiting Fellows in 2011

Niu Haibin (FESNY Fellow in October/November 2011) is Assistant Director at the Institute for International Strategic Studies, and Research Fellow at the Center for American Studies, both at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS). His previous research work focuses on the relationship between US Congress and U.N., and regionalism in Asia and Europe. Currently, his main research tasks include China’s international strategy, the cooperation among major emerging economies, and Sino-Latin America Relations. During his fellowship with FES New York he studied the role of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) in global governance.

Visiting Fellows in 2009

Severine Rugumamu (FESNY Fellow in February 2009) is a Professor of Development Studies, University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He previously was the Executive Secretary of the African Association of Political Science (AAPS), Pretoria, South Africa. His research interests include African politics, conflict and security studies, institutional development and African political economy. Professor Rugumamu holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. During his fellowship in New York, he wrote a Briefing Paper on the effect of the UN Peacebuilidng Commission for peacebuilding in Africa.

Visiting Fellows in 2008

Titilope Ajayi (FESNY Fellow in June/July 2008) is a researcher and Regional Project Officer at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Nigeria Office, Abuja. Her research interests include Conflict, Gender, and Security Sector Reform. Ms. Ajayi holds an MA in International Affairs and will commence study towards a PhD in Politics in the fall of 2009. While in New York, she conducted research on the unfolding relationship between the United Nations (UN) and regional organisations – notably the African Union (AU) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) – in the area of peace and security. Ms. Ajayi wrote a Briefing Paper on ‘The UN, the AU and ECOWAS – A Triangle of Peace and Security in West Africa?’

Salma Bava (FESNY Fellow in May/June 2008) is a Professor for European Studies, Centre for European Studies at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.[Bio]. Her areas of expertise include, i.a. Indian Foreign Policy, International Politics and Conflict Resolution. Professor Bava holds a Ph. D. in European Studies from School of International Studies, JNU and a M. Phil in International Relations from the University of Delhi. During her fellowship in New York she was investigating the role of India at the United Nations in the context of changes in the international political landscape.

Visiting Fellows in 2007

Khin Zaw Win (FESNY Fellow in October/November 2007) is a peace building activist from Myanmar (previously Burma). Dr. Khin had served with the ministries of health in Myanmar and Malaysia, and later with UNICEF Yangon. He became a political prisoner from 1994 to 2005. After his release Dr. Khin continued his independent civil society work, where he is engaged in advocacy for humanitarian assistance, and in helping to set up local NGOs working on HIV/AIDS. During his fellowship in New York, he regularly spoke on the current events in Myanmar and the role that the international community should play to overcome the political impasse (See the report of a meeting co-hosted by The Century Foundation on October 24th)

Medhane Tadesse (FESNY Fellow in June/July 2007) is Associate Professor of History, and Director of the Center for Policy Research & Dialogue [(CPRD)], a regional think thank based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is presently in charge of peace and security studies at the CPRD. He has served as a consultant to several African countries, their political and non-governmental organizations, as well as to international NGOs. While visiting New York, he conducted research on current internal strife in Somalia and the UN’s role in stabilizing that country.

C.S.R. Murthy (FESNY Fellow in May/June 2007) is a Professor in International Organization, Centre for International Politics, Organization and Disarmament, at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi [Bio]. He was Senior Fulbright Scholar at the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University during 1993-94. Earlier in 1983-84, he was Leverhulme Commonwealth Visiting Fellow at the Department of International Relations at the University of Keele (UK). His research in New York on the current efforts at the UN to counter terrorism is summarized in the Briefing Paper “The U.N. Counter-Terrorism Committee: An Institutional Analysis”.

Visiting Fellows in 2006

Tim Murithi (FESNY Fellow in October/November 2006) is Senior Researcher at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), in Addis Ababa. Prior to that, he was at the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) at the University of Cape Town where he specialized on issues of peacekeeping and peace-building in Africa. Most recently, he was a collaborator in a series of expert meetings on UN reform jointly organized by CCR and FES Maputo. Dr Murithi holds a PhD of Keele University (England) and frequently writes and speaks on the challenge of peace-building in Africa. During his visiting fellowship in New York, he spoke at several events on the views and expectations in Africa towards the new UN Peacebuilding Commission and wrote a Briefing Paper on “The African Union at the United Nations”

Liangxiang Jin (FESNY Fellow in September/October 2006) is Research Fellow at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies [(SIIS)] – a long-standing partner organization of FES Shanghai. Mr. Jin holds a MA in International Affairs and currently is a PhD candidate at the Shanghai International Studies University. He works in the SIIS Middle East Department and regularly publishes on China´s changing role in the MENA region. During his stay in New York, Mr. Jin focused on the disarmament and non-proliferation debate at the UN and wrote a Briefing Paper on “Understanding Beijing´s Policy on the Iranian Nuclear Issue”.

Alexandra Guáqueta (FESNY Fellow in June 2006) is Academic Director of the Fundación Ideas para la Paz [(FIP)] based in Bogotá, Colombia and a Coordinator of the FES Regional Security Working Group. Dr Guaqueta holds a PhD from Oxford University and regularly publishes on peace and security issues, particularly on the role of the private sector in peace-building processes. During her fellowship with FES New York, she carried out research on counter-narcotics and peace building in preparation for an expert workshop that later yielded in the FES Occasional Paper “Fighting Drugs and Building Peace: Towards Policy Coherence Between Counter-Narcotics and Peace Building”.