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Our Staff

Hubert René Schillinger

Director / FES Geneva Office

As the director of the FES Geneva office, Hubert René Schillinger is responsible for all programs and activities related to this office. Since joining FES in 1980, he has held various positions at FES headquarters and abroad, including project leader in Senegal (1980-1983) and FES country director in Morocco (1984-1987), South Africa (1992-1996) and Namibia (2004-2009).  From mid-2009 to mid-2014 he coordinated FES’ Dialogue on Globalization Programme at FES headquarters in Berlin. He holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Konstanz (Germany) and graduated from the Center for Advanced Training in Rural Development (SLE) of the Technical University, Berlin.



Yvonne Theemann - currently on maternity leave

Senior Program Officer / Trade and Development, Employment and Social Policy

Yvonne Theemann holds a Master's Degree in Political Science, studied also economics and public law at the universities of Tübingen (Germany), Lille (France) and Potsdam (Germany). She completed several internships in the area of political education, journalism and women empowerment in Sub-Sahara Africa. Yvonne has worked for a Member of Parliament in Germany and at the World Health Organization.



Andrea Schill

Program Officer / Trade and Development, Employment and Social Policy

Andrea Schill holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science, having studied at the universities of Passau (Germany), Sussex (UK), and Potsdam (Germany). Before joining FES Geneva as Program Officer, she worked as research assistant on trade and labour standards in the Department for Asia and the Pacific at FES headquarters. During her studies she gained work experience at FES headquarters, the German Embassy in London as well as in communications consulting and political education.



Hannah Peters

Program Officer / Human Rights and Development, Peace and Security Policy

Hannah Peters holds a Master’s Degree in Human Rights from the University of Sussex (UK). Before joining FES Geneva as Program Officer, she worked as Project Manager for a medical NGO in Switzerland and for the FES Office in the Palestinian Territories. She had previous work experience as Project Assistant for a British-German academic society and FES Geneva.



Claudia Manns

Finance and Administration Manager

Claudia Manns joined FES Geneva as Office Manager in July 2013 where she is responsible for all administrative, financial and IT matters. Before moving to Geneva she worked as Project Manager in Manchester after finishing her Master's Degree in art history, history and media science in Marburg (Germany) and Cagliari (Italy).



Ira Engel

Assistant Program Manager

Ira Engel joined FES in November 2016. She holds a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Cologne (Germany) and completed a postgraduate distance study in Sustainable Development Cooperation at the University of Kaiserslautern (Germany). She has a broad variety of experience gained working in both the private and non-profit sectors.



Jelena Jacobsen

Assistant Program Manager

Jelena Jacobsen holds a Master’s Degree in Criminology from the University of Hamburg (Germany), studied also German Language and Literature and Law in Hamburg (Germany) and Criminology in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Before joining FES in January 2016, she worked for the electoral office of the Federal State of Hamburg and as a volunteer for the human rights NGO I.P.O.N. (Philippines).