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Events 2006

Events 2006

Please note that participation in all events is by invitation only.

Nov 6-10 New York (USA)

"Understanding the United Nations"
First Fall Academy for Young International Policy Analysts

Oct 26-27 Bonn (Germany)

FES - GPF Europe Workshop on "Multistakeholder 'Partnerships' - The Future of Multilateralism?"

Sep 4-8 Kassel (Germany)

Kassel Summer School "Shaping the Globalization"

June 26-27 New York (USA)

"Financing Basic Utilities for All"

June 26-27 Bangkok (Thailand)

Regional consultation by the UN Special Representative on Business and Human Rights

June 19 New York (USA)

Uribe's second term: will more of the same solve Colombia's security problems?

June 06-09 Geneva (Switzerland)

FES-DGB Studienseminar anlässlich der ILO Internationalen Arbeitskonferenz "Globalisierung und Beschäftigung"

May 15-16 Berlin (Germany)

FES-ILO Conference: Reform of Social Legislation in Developing and Transition Countries

May 15-19 Geneva (Switzerland)

FES-WTO Information and Training Seminar on World Trade and related issues (ILO, UNCTAD, OHCHR, Global Unions) for Spanish-Speaking Journalists

May 10, 2006 New York (USA)

First Annual Dialogue: "The Economic Development Challenge and the UN"

Apr 25 New York (USA)

New Resources of Development Finance- Combating tax evasion, implementing solidarity levies and other innovative financing mechanisms

Apr 24-25 Shanghai (China)

UN Reform and Global Governance: The Perspectives of Asia and Europe

Mar 9-10 Berlin (Germany)

FES-SWP North-South Dialogue: Between Discord and Global Governance - The Future of the WTO