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Events 2005

Events 2005

Please note that participation in all events is by invitation only.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung at the 6th WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, China, 13-18 December 2005

13-18 Dec 2005 Hong Kong (China)

International Conference: Intervention and Peacekeeping

7-8 Nov 2005 Berlin (Germany)

The Future of the WTO Development Agenda

31 Oct 2005 Berlin (Germany)

International Conference: Fair Globalization - Safe Workplace - Policies, Strategies and Practices for Sustainable Development

24-26 Oct 2005 D?seldorf (Germany)

Summerschool: Shaping Globalization

26-30 Sep 2005 Kassel (Germany)

International Workshop: Towards a Global Package Deal? A North-South Dialogue on the UN Reform Agenda

13-14 June 2005 Berlin (Germany)

Globalization Insights

12 May 2005 Berlin (Germany)

International Conference: The impact of the MFA phase-out on growth and employment in Asia

26-27 Apr 2005 Sri Lanka (Colombo)

How is China Shaping Globalization?

March 18-20 2005 Shanghai (China)

Building Multilateral Security Architecture in Asia

March 13-15 2005 Shanghai (China)

Toward a More Secure World? The Report of the High Level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change

Feb 23 2005 Berlin (Germany)

Development and Security in a Globalized World

Jan 28 2005 Porto Alegre (Brazil )

World Social Forum (- Detailed FES-Programm -)

Jan 26-31 2005 Porto Alegre (Brazil)

World Social Forum (- Overview FES Programm - )

Jan 26-31 2005 Porto Alegre (Brazil)