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Events 2004

Events 2004

Please note that participation in all events is by invitation only.

Collective Security in Asia

Dec 14-17 2004 Dehli (India)

Gobernanza Global y Seguridad: Una Perspectiva Caribena

Nov 23-24 2004 Kingston (Jamaica)

European Development Policy confronting new Challenges in Foreign and Security Policy

Nov 23 2004 Berlin (Germany)

Post-conflict peace building: How to gain sustainable peace?

Oct 11-14 2004 Geneva (Switzerland)

Sustainable Corporate Governance - International Summer Academy

Sept 27-29 2004 Potsdam (Germany)

Security in a Globalized World: "Global Ungovernance" or new strategies for peace and security?

Sep 21-22 2004 Berlin (Germany)

Africa's Evolving Security Architecture: Regional Approaches to Managing Conflict

June 28-30 2004 Maputo (Mozamb.)

Arab Perspectives on Regional Governance and Security

June 26-28 2004 Cairo (Egypt)

Hacia una nueva architectura de la seguridad global: El aporte de America Latina

June 23-25 2004 Brasilia (Brazil)

Regional Security Architecture and the Future of Multilateralism

June 21-23 2004 Shanghai (China)

Moving Towards a Fair Globalization

May 25 2004 Berlin (Germany)

Iraq and Debt Relief: A case for implementing the "odious debt doctrine"?

March 16-17 2004 Berlin (Germany)

Cancun: Whose Victory

Jan 19 2004 Mumbai (India)

G20. A passing phenomenon or here to stay?

Jan 18 2004 Mumbai (India)

Limits to Privatization, WSF Seminar with Ernst von Weizs?ker, Vandana Shiva, Nancy Alexander and Leonor Briones

Jan 17 2004 Mumbai (India)

FES at the 4th World Social Forum

Jan 16-21 2004 Mumbai (India)

Las Normas de la OIT, el Desarrollo Econ?ico y Sociolaboral de Am?ica Latina

Jan 13-14 2004 Santiago (Chile)