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Conference Reports

Employment in Times of Crisis

International Conference on May 6th, 2010 in Berlin, Germany

Nicola Liebert

With this one-day conference the International Labour Office (ILO) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung promoted the dialogue between social partners, policy makers and experts from industrialized and emerging economies about employment and employment policies in the current global recession.

FES Perspective as Conference Report

Current and Future Challenges for the Multilateral Trading System – Development Perspectives from the MENA Region

FES/WTO Regional Dialogue, Cairo, Egypt, 10–12 May 2009

FES Conference Report

The Universe of Standards: Legitimate Protection, Sophisticated Protectionism, or Potential Development Opportunity?

FES Session at the WTO Public Forum, Geneva, Switzerland, 28 September 2009

FES Conference Report

New Momentum for Nuclear Disarmament?

International Conference in Berlin, Germany, 22 April 2009

Marc Saxer

In London, Presidents Obama and Medvedev agreed in London to reopen bilateral negotiations over nuclear warheads and stockpiles and in Prague, President Obama reiterated his commitment to a nuclear weapon free world. Against this background, policy makers and experts from Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States met on April 22 in Berlin to explore if and how these and other international stakeholders would be willing to join these initiatives to create new momentum for nuclear disarmament.

FES Conference Report

Social and Human Rights budgeting: Budget monitoring, participatory budgeting and human rights

International Workshop in Berlin, Germany, 9 December 2008

Ann-Kathrin Hentschel / Christian Rebhan

One day before the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Global Policy Forum Europe, Social Watch and terre des hommes invited civil society organisations from the South to present their human rights budgeting initiatives at an international workshop in Berlin.
FES Conference Report

The Doha Declaration and development: what are the next steps?

Financing for Development Doha Review Conference, 30 Nov.-2 Dec. 2008

Sara Burke

Five years after Monterrey, in 2007, the General Assembly resolved to hold a follow-up conference in implementation of the Monterrey Consensus. Although it could not have been forseen by the General Assembly at the time, the Doha Review Conference took place in the context of another financial crisis, this time global and even more serious.
FES Conference Report

Global Economic Imbalances: Challenges for the International Financial System in Times of Crisis

International Symposium in Beijing, China, 28-29 November 2008

Martin Schulz

As follow up to a high level symposium the FES organized parallel to the official G-8 summit in Heiligendamm, the Beijing symposium therefore brought together financial and economic experts to focus on the long-term consequences and lessons of the crisis.

FES Conference Report

What future for global economic governance?
Potential Role of the WTO?

Report of the session at the WTO Public Forum 2008, jointly organized by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Evian Group, CUTS International, Geneva, 25 September 2008

Steffen Grammling

There is a need to reform the global economic governance system and a clear desire for change. Possible scenarios were presented, including one of a “fragmented and protectionist world”, the dominance of regional blocks and one of a “re-born multilateralism”. De-tailed suggestions were given on how to promote the principle of decent work at the WTO. Contradictory views were expressed of whether the WTO should take up new issues, such as climate change, social and environmental standards and human rights or rather consolidate its original agenda and leave these issues for other international organizations.
FES Conference Report

The Relationship between Africa and the UN:
From Disenchantment to a More Effective Cooperation

International Conference, in association with the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR) in Cape Town, South Africa, Tarrytown, New York, 20-21 June 2008

Volker Lehmann

This Workshop intended to strengthen the dialogue between African states and the UN. Discussions on challenges for Africa’s social and economic development, peacekeeping, and the emerging peace and security architecture highlighted the relevance of democracy and political leadership for the future of Africa-UN relations.
FES Conference Report

IMF Reform from Another Angle

International Conference, co-sponsored by the Brookings Institution and the New Rules for Global Finance Coalition, Washington DC, United States, 2 June 2008

Anthony Elson

As the IMF seems to be facing an uncertain future, the discussion about fundamental changes has gained momentum. At this conference, senior IMF officials, experts from think tanks, governments, and civil society debated the results of a series of regional caucuses on IMF reform.
FES Conference Report

1st TERI FES Forum on Climate Policy Dialogue:
Climate change, biodiversity & food security in marine environments

International Conference and Public Panel Discussion, co-organised with
The Energy and Resources Institute TERI, Bonn, Germany, 13-14 May 2008

Sarah Ganter

The “TERI FES Forum on Climate Policy Dialogue” is a new format that invites policy makers and scholars from think tanks and academia in industrialized and developing countries to discuss key issues of global climate governance. Conference venues alternate between industrialized and developing countries. The launch of the Forum was held in Bonn in May 2008.
FES Conference Report

Beyond "Heiligendamm" - the G8, emerging powers and global security governance

7th North South Dialogue on Global Governance, Berlin, Germany, 21-22 April 2008

Marc Saxer

The FES-SWP North South Dialogue invites policy makers and scholars from think tanks and academia in industrialized and developing countries to discuss key global governance issues. In this format, since 2000 various issues have been addressed, including security, climate change, global trade and financial questions.
FES Conference Report

Asian Perspectives on the Future Role of the IMF

Internationale Conference in Singapore, 18 January 2008

Frank Schroeder

The event brought together a unique group of policy experts from governments, international institutions, civil society and academia and integrated the policy perspectives from low- as well as from middle-income developing countries.
FES Conference Report

Inclusión social e integración regional en América Latina

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 8 November 2007

FES Conference Report (Spanish)

African Regional Experts Meeting on the Future Role and Reform of the IMF

Tshwane, South Africa, 5-6 November 2007

FES Conference Report

Reforma del FMI: una Perspectiva Latinoamericana"

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5 October 2007

FES Conference Report (Spanish)

New Challenges in Financing for Development- Identifying Policy Issues for the Doha Conference

New York, United States, 4-5 October 2007

FES Conference Report

Reconciling Trade and Development in Southern Africa- Challenges for Trade Unions

Johannesburg, South Africa, 9-11 July 2007

FES Conference Report

Global Economic Imbalances - A Need for Global Governance beyond the G-8?

Berlin, Germany, 6-7 June 2007

FES Conference Report

What Future for the Multilateral Trading System? – Development Perspectives from Asia

Manila, Philippines, 4-5 June 2008

FES Conference Report

Trade Liberalization and Development – WTO and the Doha Round”

Geneva, Switzerland, 18-20 March 2007

FES Conference Report

"Delivering as One"

Debate on UN System-Wide Coherence Panel Report

Volker Lehmann

FES New York, January 2007

G-20 Civil Society Views on WTO

Report of the Session ”G-20 Civil Society Views on WTO” at the WTO Public Forum 2006. Geneva, 26 September 2006

Steffen Grammling

FES Geneva, October 2006

Getting the Peacebuilding Commission off the Ground:

Including Civil Society.

Vanessa Hawkins Wyeth

Report of the working conference "Getting the Peacebuilding Commission off the Ground - How to Include Civil Society on the Ground," held in New York on 5 September 2006.

FES New York, September 2006

The New UN-Peacebuilding Commission and the Role of Latin America

Report of the Conference in Rio de Janeiro, June 14th - 15th July 2006.

Claudia Hasse

FES Santiago de Chile, September 2006

Collective Human Rights Protection in Europe - the difficult road to protecting human rights

Felix Kirchmeier

Report of the FES Panel Discussion in Berlin, Germany, 15 May 2006

FES Geneva, July 2006

Asian Dialogue on the UN Peacebuilding Commission - Benefits and Challenges

Report on the Conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, 6 June 2006

Volker Lehmann

FES New York, June 2006

The Brasilia conference on Innovative Financing Mechanisms

Frank Schroeder

Report on the Conference on July 6 and 7, 2006, in Brasilia.

FES New York, July 2006

European and Chinese perspectives on development and the MDG agenda:

What to expect from current reform efforts at the United Nations?

Thomas Fues

Conference Report, FES Berlin, April 2006